Caffè Lena Project

Internationally marketing a folk music institution.

The Caffè Lena History Project is an effort “dedicated to documenting the history and impact of Caffè Lena,” America’s oldest continuously running folk music coffeehouse. The ongoing project has thus far resulted in a book chronicling the many legends who have passed through the coffeehouse, as well as accompanying CDs of remastered audio recordings from Caffè Lena. The Project has been nationally and internationally recognized, including a write-up in the New York Times.


I was brought on to create pitches aimed at expanding the book’s market internationally as well as pushing into the education sector, promoting the book as an ethnomusicology text. I created half-fold brochures designed for use as a leave-behind, that included pertinent information about the book and coffeehouse itself. The visual appearance of the pitches was carefully tailored to match the design language already present in the book and other existing material.