Building a niche brand from scratch.

HawkGrips, a company that makes soft-tissue mobilization tools, hired me to complete a sweeping redesign of their website while maintaining a familiar look and sleek existing brand. I extended the existing logo and blue and black color scheme into a full identity with a full brand manual and print and digital applications.



The client’s website was a basic and generic WordPress theme, lightly customized to a black and white color scheme to match their logo. I built a custom theme from the ground up to serve their specific needs.

The most subtle change was to slightly lighten the black background, decreasing the eye strain that can occur when reading stark white text on pure black backgrounds. I also unified all of the font styles into a consistent system with a focus on distinction between text (white or grey) and links and buttons (blue).

I built the new design on a grid system that leads the eye through much more information without overwhelming the reader. By condensing the logo and main menu into one strip at the top of the page and moving the testimonials into the slider, I was able to display at least twice as much information on the homepage without adding significant “clutter.” This had the added benefit of making the great testimonials much more visually important.


Print Collateral

As the company moved to take on competitors, a lot of collateral material was needed to support their brand. I created handouts, brochures, advertisements, and other promotional material for the company to provide to their distributors and clinicians.

Working off of the identity I had designed for the website, I extended it to print, further enforcing a solid, high-quality, and trustworthy brand that blows the competition’s branding efforts away.