Line Art Magazine

Evolving brand and editorial design.

LINE Art Review is a student-run publication at Skidmore College that features writing and art from students about the college art scene. LINE’s mission statement is to “write, review, and respond to art found around campus, The Tang, Schick and Case Galleries, the greater Saratoga area, and more.”


I joined the LINE staff as an art director, creating a grid and typography system for the magazine and educating layout staff on how to use the system to maintain a consistent visual voice across different spreads.

I also designed multiple spreads and directed the preflighting process, gathering spreads into a final document, and communicating with the print shop to make sure the final product was as high-quality as the editorial staff envisioned.


The end result of the process was a huge step up in professional appearance for the magazine, rivaling some of the college’s own in-house publications.

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