SimpleTask was built out of frustration with available task management apps for iOS and OS X. It features a simple interface that doesn’t make you jump through any hoops to add a task, yet still provides many features to organize and categorize if that’s your thing.


Before Apple brought Reminders to the iPhone and Mac, before Clear ever existed, SimpleTask was the simple to-do app that synced between iOS and OS X. It was built to be flexible for all users, from people who wanted little more than a digital notepad, to those who wanted some reminders and GTD functionality.


For a 2.0 refresh of the SimpleTask to-do app for Mac and iOS, I wanted to make the icons cleaner and more professional.

This meant redrawing the post-it and going for a smooth, vector check-mark instead of a previous “hand drawn” one. I went for a nice wood background to match the app itself.


I was in also charge of the website for SimpleTask, from writing the copy for the various pages to creating every image on the site.

We wanted to maintain an “Apple-like” feel while keeping a unique identity. Using color liberally compared to Apple, but using similar font families and layout accomplished this.

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