Creativity and humor for a side project:

Writing and illustrating an homage to the joke book.

Completed as an exercise in digital illustration, “I’m a Joke” is a new take on the joke book – one that takes cues from “Humans of New York” and other documentary-style photo collections. The book takes the reader on a tour of the world where anthropomorphic jokes live their daily lives, introducing a cast of jokes with an illustration and personal statement from each.

Handsome image of Adam Fisher-Cox smiling in an autumn setting.

Adam Fisher‑Cox

I'm a pragmatic product and user experience designer with an interest in user-focused, public-good projects. I'm currently on the product team at Talent Inc. in New York, finding new ways to take the complexity out of the job search.

Around the web, I'm posting photos on Instagram, work in progress on Dribbble, and writing about design on Medium.

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