TopResume Scorecard

Building tools to make the job search more transparent.

TopResume is one of the largest career-services brands in the world, providing job-search advice and products to a huge chunk of the job-seeker market each year. Users can get a free assessments of their resume and career advice, powered by our in-house AI and machine learning projects as well as human resume writing experts. I work as the lead designer on the Product team, constantly improving existing products and prototyping future ideas.

The Scorecard

TopResume’s freemium product, a personalized expert resume critique, goes out to millions of people each year, but doesn’t allow for repeat usage.

To provide more value to job-seekers looking to perfect their resumes, we built a fully-automated version of the critique called the Scorecard that gives people insight into how their resume gets pulled apart and shown to recruiters by automated hiring software that is pervasive in the hiring process.

TopResume has a unique opportunity to provide context to the scan results by comparing them to the millions of other scan results we’ve done for others using machine learning. Visualizing this data in a simple way was key for the Scorecard. To start, we put file-size and word-count into perspective, showing people where they fell on the spectrum, as well as when they were out of range for what’s industry-standard good length or size for the job-hunt.

User testing revealed that users found the Scorecard to be a valuable tool that was successful at contextualizing the importance of computer-readable resumes. Upon launch, Scorecard increased our engaged user-base by 8% and added an additional $100,000 in revenue in three months.

Customer Dashboard

TopResume’s customers expect a great and easy experience that takes the stress out of the very opaque process of “how to properly write a resume.”¬†However, our existing post-purchase flow was fragmented, used outdated branding, and wasn’t always getting our writers the information they needed to provide a great experience.

We designed an account dashboard with messaging for every stage of the customer lifecycle from account creation to order completion. The goal was to make life simple: every visit to this page would either inform you what we need from you to continue and where to give us that information, or give you information on what we’re working on and when it will be ready.