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Articles in which I tackle real-world design problems that have bothered me, with a heavy focus on transit, public infrastructure. Some are more dashed-off than others – enjoy with a grain of salt!

Bringing Good Design Practices to Local Pedestrian Safety

A plan to fix the awfully dangerous intersection of Astoria Boulevard, 21st Street, 27th Avenue, and Newtown Avenue in Astoria.

Group Video Chat and the Need for Fun, Physical Interfaces

As video conferencing has rapidly moved from work tool to social tool, interfaces should take a cue from the fun of early UI design and catch up.

Accessible Design Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

The removal of Philadelphia's 30th Street Station's old mechanical departures board caused some outcry. Can a replacement digital screen possibly fit in aesthetically?

Misrepresenting the Truth to Make Traveling Easier

Transforming maps into diagrams can help speed up travelers' comprehension, but requires removing many factual details. How do we know what hurts and what helps?

Cooking Up a Better UX for MealPal

I'm a huge fan of MealPal - it's a great product that's easy to grasp the appeal of. However, the app – the main point of interaction – leaves a lot to be desired.

Paring the MTA’s Site Down to the Essentials

The MTA released their new website design before I finished a proposed redesign project, so I compared the two.

Refining the Citi Bike Icon and Logo

Citi Bike is doing some great, fun design work, but the devil is in the details. Nitpicky problems can still be big problems if you see them every day.

Designing Effective Countdown Clocks for the MTA

What makes an ideal train arrival display is very different in New York City than in Paris or London, but the MTA doesn't seem to mind.

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I’m a pragmatic product and user experience designer with an interest in user-focused, public-good projects. I’m currently on the product team at The Wall Street Journal, working on the video and audio platforms.

Around the web, I’m posting photos on Instagram, work-in-progress on Dribbble, and writing about design on Medium.

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